Baofeng UV-5R Channel Mode

How to Program the Baofeng UV-5R
Using Channel Mode

The Baofeng UV-5R Channel Mode is used for long-term frequency storage. If you have a list of favorite repeaters or simplex frequencies, you will want to save them on a channel.

A channel will save all of the settings associated with a freqency, and apply them to the channel. For example, you can set a CTCSS tone and repeater offset on one channel, and use a completely different repeater offset on another channel.

Once you have programmed several channels, you can scan through your list of favorites in order to quickly find an active channel.

Selecting an Existing Channel


    1. Turn on the radio – Use the knob on the top of the radio to set the desired volume.
    2. Press “VFO/MR” – The radio will toggle between Frequency Mode and Channel Mode. The radio voice will tell you which mode you’re in. Select Channel Mode.
    3. Press UP or DOWN – The radio cycles through the saved channels.
    4. Press the TALK Button – The radio transmits on the chosen channel, using any saved CTCSS or offset settings.

Tip: Press the “UP” arrow key to add a “half step” to the frequency. For example, enter “147225 UP ARROW” for 147.2255 MHz.

Saving a New Channel

If you want to save a new channel, the steps can be slightly confusing at first. However, once you complete the process a few times, it is not very difficult.

Dealing with a repeater offset is a different process for Frequency Mode and Channel Mode. This is one of the quirks of the UV-5R, but you can get the hang of it. In Frequency Mode, you use Menu #26 to set the repeater offset. The Repeater Offset – Menu #26 – is completely irrelevant to Channel Mode. Just view Channel Mode as a completely different process from Frequency Mode. It makes life easier.

You must start in Frequency Mode in order to save a channel. This also confuses many users. You enter the Receiving and Transmitting frequencies separately into a channel. For instance, if you want to save a channel for a repeater with a receiving frequency of 146.800 MHz and an offset of -0.600, you have to save both 146.800 and 146.200 into the channel.

      1. Press “VFO/MR” – Select Frequency Mode.
      2. Enter “A/B” – Highlight the top line of the display.
      3. Enter a Frequency – Enter the “receive” frequency to save, without a decimal point.
      4. Press “MENU” – The UV-5R menu appears.
      5. Press “27” – Menu item #27 lets you save a channel.
      6. Press “MENU” Again – The radio speaks “Memory Channel.”
      7. Press UP or DOWN – Scroll through available channels. Choose an unused channel number.
      8. Press “MENU” Again – The radio speaks “Receiving Memory” and the receive frequency is saved.


      1. Press “EXIT” – The menu disappears and you return to the Frequency view.
      2. Repeat for Transmit Frequency – Repeat steps 2 – 9 again. This time, enter the Transmitting Frequency. Choose the identical channel number.

Tip: You can save a different Transmitting frequency on an existing Memory Channel, but you can NOT override an existing Receiving frequency. To save a new Receiving Frequency in a channel, delete the exisitng channel using Menu #28, and then save the desired frequency as a brand new channel.

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